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We enjoy raising buffalo & sharing the delicious taste of buffalo meat. If you're a local buffalo burger lover here in Indiana, a buffalo meat lover across the country, or want to try buffalo meat (bison meat) for the first time, we have a wide variety of buffalo meat, buffalo burgers, buffalo brats, & buffalo steaks.

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The buffalo meat products that you will find at Liechty Buffalo Ranch are high quality and more affordable than national buffalo meat costs. Our buffalo are grass fed and grain finished. This allows for natural buffalo meat (bison meat) without hormones or anti-biotic. Our buffalo meat is lean and filled with healthy nutrients. Buffalo meat is a great source of protein and is good for the heart. The list is long and reliable when it comes to reasons why you should try buffalo meat, not to mention it's delicious!!

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People are quickly discovering the delicious taste of buffalo meat (bison meat). Buffalo meat tastes similar to fine beef, with a slightly sweeter and richer flavor. Buffalo meat is naturally tender, and can be prepared the same way as beef. Publications ranging from Gourmet Magazine to the Old Farmers Almanac are heralding buffalo as the meat of the future. We have a wide range of buffalo meat products; try some buffalo meat for yourself! Once you try buffalo burgers you won't go back!


At Liechty Buffalo Ranch, bison roam free. Our bison spend their lives on grass that is true to their natural habitat. Our bison are not subjected to drugs, chemicals, or hormones. Liechty Buffalo Ranch produces completely natural buffalo meat from bison. When bison meat is compared to other meats, it is the obvious choice for a healthy, delicious meat. Find out more about the history of bison.

Whats the difference between buffalo and bison?

Buffalo Meat Products

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Bulk Buffalo Burgers:

5lbs Bulk Burger

10lb Bulk Burger

15lb Bulk Burger

20lb Bulk Burger


Buffalo Burger Patties:

5lbs Burger Patties

10lb Burger Patties

15lb Burger Patties

20lb Burger Patties


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Strip Steaks:

4 -8oz Steaks

6 -8oz Steaks


Buffalo Ribeye Steaks:

4 -8oz Steaks

6 -8oz Steaks


Buffalo Roast


Buffalo Tenderloin


4 -8oz Steaks

6 -8oz Steaks


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Buffalo Liver


Buffalo Tongue


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We ship bulk burgers and other buffalo meat across the continental USA. Find your state:


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Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia  Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming



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We are celebrating 6 years of customer service in 2013! Liechty Buffalo Ranch is proud to be one of the top national internet sources for buffalo meat, buffalo burgers, buffalo steaks, buffalo jerky, and buffalo bratwurst, as well as other assorted buffalo meat products. We raise our bison here on our multi-acre ranch and make sure they are supplied with only natural food and environment. We ship our buffalo meat and buffalo burgers to all states in the continental USA. We thank you for your business and look forward to making 2012 a great year! Please take some time to review our monthly buffalo recipes, monthly buffalo promotions, our buffalo cookbooks, our buffalo blog, and a wide range of information that we have to offer on our buffalo website.

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Liechty Buffalo Ranch is your source for online sales of buffalo meat, buffalo burgers, buffalo jerky, buffalo steaks and buffalo bratwurst.

Liechty Buffalo Ranch ships out buffalo products on Monday and Tuesday. LBR can overnight buffalo meat for a $50 shipping fee.

Deadline for same day shipping is 11:00 AM CST.You will receive tracking numbers via e-mail if e-mail address is provided.
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